When you hear orthodontic treatment, the first thing that you think of is braces and how uncomfortable it is. With modern advancements in orthodontics, Invisalign is indeed a game changer.

As the demand for esthetic treatments increases, more people seek alternatives to metal braces. Invisalign clear aligners are an aesthetic and comfortable option which have gained tremendous popularity over the years.

Patients love Invisalign for the following reasons:

    • They are virtually invisible
        • Self-conscious teens and professionals prefer Invisalign over metal braces because they are discreet, and no one can really tell you’re wearing something on your teeth.
    • Removable
        • There are no food and beverage restrictions! You can eat and drink whatever you like for as long as you remove your aligners prior to eating and drinking. You can also brush and floss your teeth easily and efficiently – as you would normally.
    • Predictable
        • Invisalign uses digital scanning of your teeth to create a digital animation of your treatment plan. You will see how your teeth would look at certain stages and after your treatment, even before you start wearing your first aligners.
    • Superior Comfort
        • Undoubtedly, Invisalign clear aligners offer patients superior comfort because they have no metal parts poking your soft tissues. It also moves your teeth gradually, so you experience less discomfort throughout your treatment.
    • Fewer Trips to the Office
        • Parents are choosing Invisalign because it means fewer trips to our office and no need for emergency visits, like many of our patients with braces.
    • Invisalign made specifically for Teens
        • Invisalign Teen works similarly to Invisalign for adults. The only difference is that it has a blue indicator dot at the back for parents to track compliance in wearing the aligners. It changes from blue to a clear dot when aligners have been worn for 20-22 hours daily.

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