Two phase orthodontics consists of two separate times when a child receives orthodontic treatment.

Phase I-Early Orthodontic Treatment

Your child may need early orthodontic treatment because they exhibit one of the following conditions, possibly caused by:

Late Loss of Baby Teeth

  • Early or late loss of baby teeth due to trauma, tooth decay, or cleft palate resulting in loss of space and crowding
  • Crowded, misplaced or blocked out teeth

Difficult Chewing, Finger Sucking Habits

  • Difficulty chewing and/or biting
  • Thumb/Finger sucking habits
  • Protruding (buck) teeth
  • Mouth breathing resulted from tonsil/adenoid and sinus problems

Grinding Teeth, Underbite

  • Grinding or clenching habit
  • Jaws that are too far back (Underbite)

Simple Results from Phase I Treatment

The first phase is initiated to:

  • Prevent a problem from developing
  • Make room for permanent teeth to come in properly
  • Intercept a developing problem
  • Guide the growth of the jaw bones that support the teeth
  • Prevent the need for permanent extractions in the future 

Phase I treatment can consist of the use of braces, a removable appliance or a fixed palate expander.

Your child will be followed at no additional fee until all permanent teeth have a pathway to erupt at which time, we will re-evaluate them for Phase II braces crediting part of your Phase I fee to the next stage.

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See our patient going through the process of the palate expander and Phase I Treatment on You Tube!

Getting My Braces! Stage 1

The Palate Expander

Getting My Braces! Stage 2

The Plug

Getting My Braces! Stage 3

The Braces

Getting My Braces! Stage 4

Expander Coming Off

Phase II Orthodontic Treatment

After Phase I treatment, crooked teeth, spacing and improper bites may still exists. By timing the second phase of treatment with your child’s growth, the orthodontist can take advantage of this development.  During Phase II treatment, braces or Invisalign can be used to straighten the permanent teeth and correctly align the bite and jaw.

The second phase will benefit your child by:

  • Giving a proper relationship of teeth and jaws so they work correctly together
  • Correct alignment of teeth, a beautiful smile.
  • Positioning of the teeth and jaws for an attractive face and profile

Our goal for two-phase orthodontic treatment is to give you correctly aligned teeth that provide ideal jaw function and a great smile with lasting results!