Invisalign Adult

The finest choice for a modern lifestyle.

Invisalign clear aligner treatment is the preferred choice of modern-day orthodontic patients. It is virtually invisible to the naked eye, and people would hardly see you're wearing something on your teeth or that you're undergoing a smile makeover. It is removable, which allows you to eat and drink whatever you like. And you can remove it on special occasions if needed.

Made from a special type of patented plastic called SmartTrack™, all Invisalign aligners are easy and highly comfortable to wear. With no metal parts, you won't experience any discomfort from poking wires and cheek marks from metal brackets.

And to top it all, the Invisalign technology allows you to see the outcome of your treatment before you even get started with your first set of aligners! Book your complimentary consultation now with Dr. Perih, and get started on your smile makeover journey!

Smile Enhancements

After spending months or years in braces or clear aligners, patients are required to wear retainers for as long as how much their attending dentist or orthodontist prescribes. However, here at Perih Smile Orthodontics, we often see patients who stopped wearing their retainers and are experiencing treatment relapse. A relapse is when their teeth shift away from their ideal positions and start to get crooked again.

Seeing your teeth shifting for any reason can be upsetting, but we’re here to help! The good news is that correcting a relapse often takes much less time than your initial treatment did! If you’re ready to get your smile back on track, get in touch today and schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Perih.

Get your dream smile with Invisalign!

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